Animated LED Retro Frames

Recreating the dazzling lights of the arcades, our animated retro frames provide a real taste of the 80s!

LED Powered 3D Pixel artworks.

Pixel art meets RGB LEDs for the ultimate in retro art.

Bringing back the days of yesteryear.

Handmade 3D Retro Pixel Artworks

Multi layered, laser cut 3D pixel artworks based around retro gaming and 70's, 80's and 90's nostalgia.
Handmade 3D Retro Pixel Artworks
Lovingly crafted.

Precision and Detail

Precision cut via our in house laser, perfectly aligned using 3D printed rods, and printed on high quality papers with a UV protective coating. We take great pride in everything we make.
Precision and Detail
A blast from the past.

Nostalgic Moments Re-Imagined

We hand make awesome looking stuff based around the best nostalgic moments from when we were young. Rekindle the good times with our 3D pixel art and experience retro like never before.
Nostalgic Moments Re-Imagined

Who we are

Our love of pixel art started in the late 80's and has continued to this day. Starting as a range of small game programming ventures and pixel art experiments, has been our registered domain for some 15+ years.

In 2023 we officially set our roots in creating unique 3D shadow box based pixel art works; you could say it took us a while to get here... but the wait was worth it!

Gaming in the late 80's and 90's has had a lasting impression on us at Sprixels. Its simplified interpretation of complex objects, its vibrant colour scapes, and its immediate nostalgia hit have hooked us and never let go. We take great pride in creating unique stand out pieces that bring back those retro vibes. Emphasising depth through layered pixel art adds a new dimension to its 2D on screen rendition, providing a real parallax effect that adds its own natural shading to objects behind. Photos struggle to do the effect real justice!

Each of our items is created by hand in the UK via a mix of technologies and patience. Utilising laser cutting, 3D printing, Digital printing and a dab of glue we lovingly craft each item to look the best we can make it. We take great pride in our work and want you to truly enjoy our creations as much as we love putting them together. Enjoy!

After something specific?

Got something in mind you'd like creating? Take a look at our work and get in touch.

After something specific?


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