How we make them

How we make our 3D pixel art

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How we make our 3D pixel art

Each of our 3D pixel artworks starts its life as a multi layered document in Photoshop. Generally the pixel sizing is set to either 80, 160, or 320 pixels (in 1 or both directions) depending on the artwork being created. From there it is scaled to output size and each layer is converted into a vector file for both print and wood laser cutting.

Each item is constructed from multiple layers of laser cut 3mm MDF with an adhered high quality digital print. Layers are stacked and aligned via the use of 3D printed rods and precisely cut guide holes ensuring accuracy. Print alignment details have a tolerance of 0.5mm and the minimum cut size we make is 1mm – any smaller than this and the layers warp too much!

Items are finished with an acrylic front, melamine edging strip and metal hanger on the rear.